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Contact Dermatitis: Trumpet Vine and Other Plants That Cause a Rash

Contact dermatitis can be caused by ivy and other plants which people try to avoid. However some garden plants can also cause itchy rashes.

Contact dermatitis is a rash or inflammation brought about when the skin comes in contact with materials outside of the body. Contact dermatitis can be caused by some garden plants. Contact dermatitis due to plants is irritation, redness, itching or a rash caused by brief or prolonged contact with a particular plant.

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Rash on Skin: The Trumpet Vine
The trumpet vine is a popular garden plant with a dubious reputation. The trumpet vine does not bear fruit, unlike the strawberry plant and the pomegranate tree. However, the trumpet vine does bear lovely blooms, which are known to attract hummingbirds. The trumpet vine has red, orange and yellow blooms.
This flowering creeper vine is a high maintenance plant, however. If a gardener allows the trumpet vine to climb another tree, it will strangle the tree.

Some gardeners don’t like the trumpet vine because of the work involved in keeping it under control.
The trumpet vine is also disliked for another reason, in many countries, it is known as cow-itch. Gardeners can get an itchy rash just from touching the leaves. For some persons, this rash is more intense.

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How to Treat Contact Dermatitis
Contact dermatitis only affects some gardeners who work with plants that have a reputation for causing irritation. Some persons have worked with these plants and not noticed any of the effects of contact dermatitis. Persons who know they will have a negative reaction to the plant can take precautions to eliminate or reduce the harmful effects of working with plants that can cause an itchy rash, mild itching, swelling or redness.

Contact dermatitis can be avoided by wearing long sleeves and gloves when working with plants that cause skin irritation. Creams containing witch hazel or aloe vera can be used to treat allergic contact dermatitis. Hydrocortisone cream can also be used to treat allergic contact dermatitis. A cold compress made from milk also helps to relieve the discomfort caused by an itchy rash.
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